Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I Learned from Tim Tebow

I'm a sports fan, a skeptic, and a people watcher. On Sunday Tim Tebow was adored by the crowd at the Broncos's game.  He played well enough to assure a come from behind loss but excited the crowd and the whole town with his performance.  I know if it was me I would have spent the night with all my new found best friends knowing I had the next day off.  I also know I am no Tim Tebow.  I would have never thought to spend the next morning on the Oncology floor at Children's Hospital.  Celebrities come to hospitals, I (as a skeptic)  used to question why they do. I don't question it any more, it cheers us up when we see them.  It also cheers us up when we see friends and family.  Tim Tebow visited all the rooms on the 7th floor,  and he visited Peter.

Here's what I learned.  Tim came into the room and introduced him self and his friend Erik  " Hi I'm Tim" how are you Peter. He asked what Peter was reading, he talked about his brother Peter who is studying at the Denver Seminary.  Within a minute everyone was comfortable the "adored " Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow was now a friend talking to Peter.  It was amazing how easily he was able to ease into this situation.

I learned to quickly look for something in common, not to worry about what you might see ( It is scary opening a door on the cancer floor) but instead what you might share. It was a transformitive moment for me. It was not about "Tim Tebow Quarterback" but Tim the person meeting Peter the person  (not the cancer patient). They talked about shared passions, they talked about Peter's High School, and learned enough about Peter to have him lead them in  a prayer. Why is this so cool, because that is what Peter will remember, it was the first time anyone had ever asked him to lead a prayer. Tim and his friend Erik made a moment that was special to Peter.

So when I go visit a friend in the hospital , or talk to a friend who has someone in the hospital, I will from now on,  look for the common thing which will make our conversation special. I will not try to make myself important but make the moment important.

I will forever thank Tim Tebow and Erik Dellenback for teaching me this

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