Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cancer Dad

I have read that 50 or so parents find out their kid has cancer every work day. It was on the InterWeb so it must be true.  Nothing prepares you.

Socially irresponsible folks will tell you  "You only get what you can handle" , "You will be stronger because of this" How did this happen" (only slightly nicer than,is it your fault).

Better to say " oh my God that's awful, what can I do to help", " I will bring a big dish of food to your house".

Hugs with out crying helps a lot as well.

How do you find out , Me I spent a weekend telling my boy to go out and get some exercise you won't get better if you spend all your time on the couch.  We decide maybe we should go to the doctor to see what is making Peter lethargic, Doc guesses walking pneumonia , lets get an x ray, turns out he doesn't have pneumonia, yea.  Driving to pick up his brother at summer football practice after listening to the Jimmy V speech on ESPN (I don't know why other than it was the V Foundation day) on the speaker phone the Doc calls and says we need another X ray there is a large spot on the lung.  A X-Ray and Cat Scan later we are in the ICU at Children's  Hospital with a tumor the size of a base ball  in a 16 year old body.

A week in ICU radiation to shrink the tumor no diagnosis but everything points to some kind of cancer, no miracle when the Oncologist comes in and says, Great news he has large diffuse B cell Lymphoma.  

How is that great news,  Onc says this one is very treatable and the prognosis is fantastic.
Well it is great to hear that but it's Cancer right.  Oh yes but treatable.

Off to the Oncology and blood disorder floor (floor 7).

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